TOPIC Mubarak-era figures
The Mubaraks’ quick turn through the jailhouse turnstile
Asmahan Soliman and Rana Mamdouh | Alaa and Gamal’s brief stint in detention points to dissatisfaction with their political standing
Hussein Salem’s wealth: What’s hidden is more important
Mostafa Mohie | Is the state's reconciliation deal with Hussein Salem based on an accurate calculation of his wealth?
Egyptians who aren’t in jail this week
Isabel Esterman | In the midst of a string of arrests of activists, media and cultural figures, it’s gotten a little
Exclusive Wikileaks cables trace ebb and flow of Egypt-UAE relations
Hossam Bahgat and Mostafa Mohie | A number of documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry that were recently released by Wikileaks have cast
A year at the courts
Dalia Rabie | This year was a year of court battles. The rule by law of the security apparatus, prosecution and
The old regime rallies around Sisi
Jahd Khalil | Waiting for a chartered jet at Cairo Airport earlier this month, brothers Mostafa and Mahmoud Bakry schmoozed
Economy in a week: Egypt welcomes back Mubarak-era cronies
Sherif Zaazaa | This week, the drop in aggregate savings could be a cause for concern in the long run. To counter this,
The deep return
Heba Afify | A foreign journalist in Cairo, whose work appears in several prestigious publications was cornered near
Illicit Gains Authority begins investigation into hidden assets of Mubarak-era tycoon Hussein Salem worth LE30 million
Hussein Salem acquitted of squandering public funds in Israeli gas deal
Mubarak-era Interior Minister Habib al-Adly sentenced to 7 years in prison for corruption
Reconciliation deal with Mubarak-era fugitive trade minister, Rachid
Safwat al-Sherif, sons sentenced to 5-10 years in prison for illicit gains
Court bans former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly from travel, freezes assets
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