TOPIC morality police
11 sentenced to 3-12 years in prison for homosexuality
Pesha Magid | The Agouza Criminal Court has sentenced 11 people to prison terms ranging between three and 12 years
Searching for public space
Heba Afify | My favorite hangout for a brief couple of weeks was a street, a simple street in a Cairo neighborhood.
Khaled Mansour
The Stasi, Freud and Egypt’s predicament (part 2)
A deep societal malaise is responsible for the Egyptian state's crackdown on personal freedoms.
Khaled Mansour
The Stasi, Freud and Egypt’s predicament (part 1)
Khaled Mansour on why the Stasi and Egyptian security agencies react to difference and protect themselves.
Reem Saad
The military upholds virtue
I was surprised and disturbed as I followed the stories of many friends and others who reported on social
Police raid Cairo cafes in first week of Ramadan
Yasmine al-Narsh sentenced to 4 years in prison for airport altercation
Director and performer sentenced to one year for ‘inciting immorality’
Performer arrested for ‘harming public morals’ by dancing in music video