TOPIC Mohamed Morsi trials
Of ousted presidents and their appetites
Dalia Rabie | After covering former President Hosni Mubarak’s “trial of the century” in 2011, local media
On the day of Morsi’s trial, Egyptians long for stability
Heba Afify | Two ousted presidents behind bars in two years can be more than one country’s transition to democracy
Timothy E. Kaldas
The trials
The trial of deposed President Mohamed Morsi will almost certainly be a show trial and is of
Court sentences 20 charged with ‘insulting judiciary’ to 3 years, orders 23 to pay LE1 mn
Criminal court postpones verdict for ‘insulting judiciary’ case
Morsi sentenced to life in prison, 6 sentenced to death in Qatar espionage case
Interior Ministry allows detained senior Morsi aide to attend mother’s funeral
Morsi trial postponed, witness on a ‘secret mission’
Court postpones final verdict for Morsi, over 100 others in prison break, espionage cases
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