TOPIC Mohamed Morsi ouster
How Egyptian diplomacy navigated the summer of 2013
Donya Ezzat | How Egypt’s foreign policy sailed through the difficult events of the summer of 2013
The hidden world of militant ‘special committees’
Mohamed Hamama | “I wanted to live through the military coup. Now, after all I’ve seen, I think I must have been mad.”
A timeline of the Mubarak trial
Omar Said | The “trial of the century” — in which former President Hosni Mubarak, his sons, the former
Rebellion on the rocks
Mai Shams El-Din | One year ago, Ahmed Abdou met with 15 young men in the Kefaya opposition movement’s headquarters. They
Terrorist or scapegoat?
Sarah Carr and Leyla Doss | The crowd that gathered at the bombed Cairo Security Directorate on Friday January 24 chanted anti-Muslim
Egypt’s winding path toward a new constitution
Ursula Lindsey | Since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians have witnessed the formation of three constitutional
Between brothers and sisters
Mai Shams El-Din | Thousands of former President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters were marching through the streets of Heliopolis when
Masr al-Hurreya
Leyla Doss | “Rights, equality, democracy,” reads a large banner pinned high on the wall of the headquarters of Masr al-Hurreya (the
Taking sides
Mai Shams El-Din | Grief and anger echoed in the streets leading to the graveyard as hundreds marched in the funeral procession
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Amr Adly
Structural crises that have become pressing
Continuous political turmoil since January 2011, and the resulting decline in the annual growth rate
Timothy E. Kaldas
Hypocrisy abounds
One sad truth about politics in Egypt today — and there are many — is the extraordinary abundance
Karim Medhat Ennarah
The politics of mobilization and demobilization (Part 1)
On the anniversary of the demise of one form of political authority, I find myself contemplating the
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Update: HRW calls for Sisi to be held accountable for role in protesters’ deaths
One killed, dozens injured, arrested in July 3 anniversary protests
Series of explosions rocks Cairo on anniversary of Morsi’s ouster
MB supreme guide, 13 others sentenced to death for Istiqama clashes
EIPR releases report on post-June 30 violence
Death sentence upheld for Alexandria man found guilty of killing teen
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