TOPIC Mohamed Morsi espionage case
42 words on page 3: How Morsi died in Egyptian newspapers
Newspapers published the same 42-word article to announce the former president's death
Former president Mohamed Morsi dies in court session, rights groups point to lack of proper medical care in detention
Mostafa Mohie and Rana Mamdouh | Former President Mohamed Morsi collapsed and died on Monday while attending a court hearing
Morsi sentenced to life in prison, 6 sentenced to death in Qatar espionage case
2 Al Jazeera journalists, 4 others sentenced to death in Qatar espionage case
Court postpones verdict in Morsi espionage case
Morsi trial postponed, witness on a ‘secret mission’
Senior National Security official claims Muslim Brotherhood is a masonic group
Court postpones final verdict for Morsi, over 100 others in prison break, espionage cases
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