TOPIC Mohamed Mahmoud anniversary
A battle for memory
Heba Afify | In a narrow street in the downtown neighborhood of Abdeen, a crowd of 200 gathered on Monday under a
Jasmine Bose
A deathly waltz
In memory of the martyrs of Mohamed Mahmoud, November 19-24, 2011. I never did have a good throwing arm.
Paul Sedra
The lies that states tell
Egypt’s military rulers have a great stake in what is remembered and what is forgotten about the past
Court upholds 2-year sentence against surgeon, 4 others for protesting
Trial of doctor arrested for protesting postponed
5 protesters sentenced to 2 years for commemorating Mohamed Mahmoud
Family of Mohamed Mahmoud anniversary detainee awaits decision on Sunday
Prosecution refuses to release 13 protesters jailed on Mohamed Mahmoud anniversary
5 arrested for protesting in memory of Mohamed Mahmoud clashes
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