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12th Panorama of European Film: Where do we begin?
Leila Arman, Mohammed Amin, Muhammad El-Hajj, Nour El-Mallah, Sharif Zahiri, Yara Shahin and Yasmine Zohdi | Our selections for the 12th edition of Panorama of the European Film
Two dialogues about the Panorama film festival
Ahmed Refaat | One talk with filmmaker and critic Tarek El Sharkawy, and one with with Swiss artist/curator Andrea Thal.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Fangs
Maha ElNabawi | A kitsch masterpiece of an overlooked moment in Egyptian music history: Arabic glam-rock
A youthful takeover: Marianne Khoury on the 6th Panorama of the European Film
Maha ElNabawi | Marianne Khoury is busy, and her Misr International Films office is bustling with people streaming in
Newly re-opened cinema hopes to add to Emad Eddin’s cultural revival
Screenings start at Zawya as alternative cinema in Egypt picks up