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The bishop who makes his voice heard: Anba Makarios
Karoline Kamel | Outspoken Minya Bishop Anba Makarios is a man who makes his voice heard but avoids being seen
Video | 2 years after the mineral resources law was passed: Quarry workers in Minya between arrests and absent security
Mostafa Darwish | The law imposes penalties for extracting raw materials without a licence, which is harder to obtain
Sectarian borders
Heba Afify | In some villages in Minya, Christians and Muslims are confined to separate districts
A day in Deir al-Garnous: Christian families mourn in Minya
Karoline Kamel | “People tell us our loved ones are better off in heaven.”
The St. Samuel Monastery: Death on the road to a life-giving monastery
Karoline Kamel | Scenes from the St. Samuel Monastery in Minya
Sectarian violence renewed in Minya as Christians brace for Easter celebrations
Mai Shams El-Din | Coptic Christians attacked during Maundy Thursday prayers in Koum al-Loufy, eyewitnesses report
Why do sectarian tensions run high in Minya?
Heba Afify | According to a report by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), Minya was the scene of 10
Egypt’s arts revolution thrives at Minya’s Megraya
Rowan El Shimi | The lights come back on after an engrossing two-hour journey with Das Experiment (The Experiment), a
Easter celebrations tainted by attacks on Copts during Holy Week
Mai Shams El-Din | Sunday’s Easter celebrations were marred by an uptick in sectarian conflict in the southern governorate
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Timothy E. Kaldas
Egypt’s military and its Christian citizens
The state’s cynical use of Christian suffering to justify its violent behavior and strengthen its political
Detention orders issued following Friday attack on Minya Copts
Conflicting reports emerge regarding church closures in Minya
Security forces prevent Copts from holding feast day prayers in Minya
Attack on vehicles traveling to Minya Coptic monastery leaves at least 26 dead
Minya lawyers strike after 9 sentenced to prison for defaming judiciary
Police prevent Sunday Mass in Minya Church citing ‘security concerns’
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