TOPIC military trials of civilians
Normalizing the military judiciary: How the constitutional amendments bring the Armed Forces into Egypt’s judicial system
Rana Mamdouh | The laws bestow more authority on the Armed Forces, already the most powerful actor in the country
Capital punishment in Egypt: Condemnation and calls for discussion following spate of executions
Calls for the abolition of the death sentence in Egypt cite speedy trials in military courts
Targeting the Ultras: Why are security forces trying to erase the memory of the stands?
Mai Shams El-Din | Security forces arrested 150 Ahly Football Club fans (Ultras Ahlawy) from Borg al-Arab stadium in Alexandria
The 4 times in Egyptian history civilian workers were tried by military courts
Jano Charbel | Since the army-led takeover of the Egyptian state in July 1952, there have been four historic cases in
Has justice jumped the gun?
Mohamed Hamama | The State Council Administrative Court was due to consider an appeal to halt the execution of six defendants
The Arab Sharkas cell: The quasi-covert military trial of Ansar Beit al-Maqdes
Hossam Bahgat | Until mid-2013, Nader,* a 25-year-old graduate of the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, worked as
Who let the jihadis out?
Hossam Bahgat | Towards the end of November, Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim held a press conference “to expose
Constitutional wrangling
Mai Shams El-Din | As Egyptians wait for a final date to vote in the referendum on the draft constitution, advocacy and
In search of fair trial
Naira Antoun | As increasing numbers of Islamists are being arrested and facing military trials, there is a certain
Egyptian actor Amr Waked speaks out against military court verdicts sentencing him to prison
Outcry against 5-year sentence handed to Khaled Lotfy, publisher of Arabic translation of Israeli-authored book
Lawyer: At least 2 dozen minors among those sentenced in military case last week
2 civilian death sentences upheld by military court
3 men convicted of rape in military tribunal in 2011 executed on Tuesday
Journalist Ismail Alexandrani referred to military prosecution after more than 2 years in pretrial detention
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