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Sudan opposition rejects committee report blaming sit-in attack on rogue security officers
Protesters rejected the report as an attempt to shield the military council from responsibility
Sudan: Initial agreement on transition plan announced after attack on mass sit-in
The protest movement blamed the violence on “remnants of the ousted regime"
Burhan backed by junior officers pushes to take control of transitional military council, holds talks with opposition
Asmahan Soliman and Mohammed Amin | Sudan protesters celebrated the second military ouster of an unfavorable leader in the last 48 hours
Who let the jihadis out?
Hossam Bahgat | Towards the end of November, Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim held a press conference “to expose
Lexicon of a revolution’s insults
Andeel | A dictionary of labels invented after January 25, 2011, compiled by Andeel.
A new, but not so new, regime
Jahd Khalil | Mada Masr speaks with Joshua Stacher, assistant professor of political science at Kent State University,
Of moral panics and state security
Sarah Carr | It was the usual story: A group of men “discovered” by the police engaging in “acts of perversion,”
A battle for memory
Heba Afify | In a narrow street in the downtown neighborhood of Abdeen, a crowd of 200 gathered on Monday under a
Constitutional woes
Jahd Khalil | Most coverage of Egypt’s constitutional redrafting has centered on the issues making their way into
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Bilal Alaa
A republic deferred, forever
This process is essential for the continuation of the regime — a necessary act of political theater.
Mohamed Naeem
In Egypt, nothing has changed — but perhaps everything has
This repressive regime has set itself an unattainable goal: to silence everyone all the time forever
Alfred Raouf
Egypt’s future: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Joker
The scene in Egypt is nothing less than a complicated mess: there are several forces, shifting alliances,
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Sudan’s military council: Government to be civilian except for defense and interior ministries, will not extradite Bashir to ICC
Mansour: We should not forget Sisi’s ‘great and exceptional role’
Presidential spokesman warns against attempts to ‘break’ military
Armed Forces warns of intervention in 48 hours
High five
Andeel | Man: "This is for people who say the country needs a military president. I high five them with it. On the face."Other man: "High five?"