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Detox | Issue 09: Deep Breath
We are okay. Or at least we think so.
Nora Younis
My crime is managing a media website
I went into the bathroom and messaged the lawyer who was on his way to me: “Am I getting arrested?”
Rana Mamdouh
Woes of an ordinary journalist
Who added my name to these lists? And why?
Lina Attalah
A few things you might like to know about us
Here is the backstory to the piece that contributed to getting us into trouble.
Nora Younis, chief editor of Al-Manassa, detained after raid on office
China, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia are world’s worst jailers of journalists in 2019, according to CPJ
Plainclothes security raid Mada Masr office for several hours, detain 3 including Chief Editor Lina Attalah
Police storm home of Al-Mashhad newspaper editor-in-chief and arrest his son
Update: Security forces raid Al-Mesryoon newspaper, hand management over to state-owned publication
Security forces close downtown Cairo bookstore and detain 2 employees
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