TOPIC Maurice Louca
Music industry conversations: Sarah El Miniawy
Maha ElNabawi | In a new series, Maha ElNabawi speaks to music professionals about the term “industry”.
Cairo, coffee, headphones and a conversation with Ismail Hosny
Kamila Metwaly | The first of a series of in-depth interviews with musicians, with embedded music.
Tamer Abu Ghazaleh: Producing songs as I hear them in my head
Kinda Hassan | I met musician Tamer Abu Ghazaleh in the new Cairo offices of his Arab music platform Eka3 to talk
On El Cabina’s exit from the Alexandrian art scene: A new beginning for Gudran
Rowan El Shimi | Visiting El Cabina for the first time in 2012 marked the beginning of my love affair with Alexandria.
A music-filled Tunisian film perfectly fits this doubtful moment
Laura Bird and Maha ElNabawi | Through a fictional Arabic alt-rock band, Khyam Allami has created a soundtrack that’s as nuanced,
Salute the Parrot: Fantasy of the real
Kinda Hassan | "I feel that the musicians and audience are light years ahead of the institutions." Kinda Hassan talks
Band of the week: Maurice Louca
Maha ElNabawi | Your dance movements are your only means of expression between a folkloric past and funky, fidgety future.
Hippy hypnosis at 3alGanoob music festival
Maha ElNabawi | On the last morning of the 3alGanoob festival, a massive windstorm blows over the campgrounds.
Intelligent techno finds a low-key home in Heliopolis
Maha ElNabawi | Around 30 bodies lie on cushions quietly chit-chatting in a dark room. A projection of morphing geometric
Maha ElNabawi
Navigating the surreal through sound
2017 in music releases from Cairo and beyond