TOPIC MASS Alexandria
Systems of subtleties: Reflections on MASS Alexandria’s latest exhibition
Ash Moniz | The exhibition is MASS Alexandria's first since 2016.
MASS Alexandria 2016: A busy and approachable final exhibition
Lara El Gibaly | Three days of contemplation and conversation, between the deeply personal and the public.
Deleuze in Miami: The moving image of MASS Alexandria
Ilka Eickhof | After a 2-year hiatus, the contemporary arts education space MASS Alexandria is preparing to reopen.
Sharjah’s March Project: A review
Mai Elwakil | The pilot phase of the March Project proved to be an exciting addition to the Sharjah Art Foundation’s
MASS Alexandria: A steeper learning curve than expected
Jenifer Evans | In 2013, participants in the independent art study program MASS Alexandria faced an uncertain finale