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Facing both poverty and the virus, informal workers keep working and losing work
Omaima Ismail | Fatma Gamal, a mother of five, says her whole family has been put out of work because of the virus.
Daily COVID-19 roundup: May 11
1,200 workers have gone on strike a textile factory in Ismailia protesting unpaid April wages
Avoiding the blacklist: Egyptian labor elections as key to investment
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Recent elections show that Egypt seems to be more concerned with being blacklisted than labor rights
Manpower Ministry returns to grip of state-run union federation
Jano Charbel | The Egyptian government returned control of the Ministry of Manpower to the highly contentious state-controlled
New govt announces aim to limit labor unrest
Jano Charbel | New Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb’s appointment of the controversial figure Nahed al-Ashry as Minister
Labor activist wades into the deep state
Jano Charbel | In 2007, renowned trade unionist and opposition figure Kamal Abu Eita led thousands of workers on strikes
Former manpower ministers accused of embezzling LE40 million
Egyptian, Tunisian, Libyan labor unions coordinate to evacuate workers in Libya
Workers reject proposed one-year ban on strikes
Police violently break up workers protest