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Dancing under cover of a fictional rhythm
Daniel Blanga Gubbay | A text in the form of a music album: On Meeting Points 8: Both Sides of the Curtain
Opposing the white rabbit’s watch: On Meeting Points 8 in Cairo
Ilka Eickhof | The serenity that surrounded this Meeting Points studio session might be owed to the time at hand, and
An overambitious literary seminar of existential proportions
Sara El Adl | Remembering it feels like remembering a happening that took place in a moment that was uncounted and
Seminar: On the interior life of language
Malak Helmy | This seminar asks whether writing and language, like authors, are subject to economic forces and transformations
A Worthy Degenerate, a marker of this moment’s caution
Mia Jankowicz | The poor image maintains its vitality through mobility. Not waiting to be seen, as conventionally exhibited
Doing nothing
Sarah Rifky | #WAYDO marks an interesting moment of collaboration between two types of institution and it stages a
‘A Guest Without a Host is a Ghost’
Jenifer Evans and Malak Helmy | Out-arting the art with artful narrative does not, ultimately, do anything for the actual artwork in
Malak Helmy at AUC: Back to the academy
Lina Attalah | Malak Helmy’s show adds a new beam to the inquisitiveness that surrounded AUC’s move to the desert
Neither too soon or too late: The PhotoCairo5 catalogue
Naira Antoun | The bilingual publication released last month to accompany the 2012 PhotoCairo5 exhibition continues
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