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Ghazl al-Mahalla: Beleaguered public company steps up to help combat pandemic
Omaima Ismail | The company's move will eventually increase domestic face mask production by nearly 30 percent
For locked-down village near Mahalla, solidarity and dignity are keys to surviving quarantine
Basma Mostafa | Some Hayatem residents have chafed at the state’s intervention, choosing to organize themselves.
Mahalla highlights workers’ high expectations of Sisi
Jano Charbel | Although he has not proposed any specific labor reforms, presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al-Sisi seems
From Mahalla
Tom Rollins |   A horse-drawn cart sends ripples down a flooded street in one of Mahalla’s many working-class
Strikes in public sector textile companies reach new high
Jano Charbel | A labor uprising in the textile industry is witnessing an unprecedented number of factory occupations,
The death of a sector
Jano Charbel | “Egypt is known to the world for its quality long-staple cotton.” This line would resonate to almost
16,000 workers on strike at Mahalla Textile Company
Mahalla textile workers temporarily call off strike, 5 strike leaders face disciplinary hearings
Mahalla textile workers initiate partial strike, warn of comprehensive industrial action
Nour Party candidate attacked in Mahalla
Workers strike over unpaid bonuses at Egypt’s largest textile company
One dead, several injured in string of explosions nationwide
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