TOPIC Maha Maamoun
Salute the Parrot: Fantasy of the real
Kinda Hassan | "I feel that the musicians and audience are light years ahead of the institutions." Kinda Hassan talks
Very real imagined spaces of Rana ElNemr
Jenifer Evans and Sama Waly | Rana ElNemr is known for her photographs of abnormalities of urban Egypt, detached from their surrounding
Certain narratives persist: Here and Elsewhere
Ismail Fayed and Jenifer Evans | Here and Elsewhere was an exhibition of artists from the Arab world at New York City’s New Museum.
An alternative portrait of the city
Laura Cugusi | Maha Maamoun's show at Gypsum Gallery had much to do with the city of Cairo, with nature and poetry,
Minute particles floating in the subconscious of the city
Laura Cugusi | On Haytham El Wardany's ‘Kayfa ta’ book: The tensions, social struggles and class inequalities that