TOPIC Mada seminars
Grasping the messianic moment
Ismail Fayed | A reflection on the 2016 “Mada Encounters” seminar on history and culture
An overambitious literary seminar of existential proportions
Sara El Adl | Remembering it feels like remembering a happening that took place in a moment that was uncounted and
As it was seen: Looking back at filmic representations of 1967
Ismail Fayed | Never answered, the questions raised by these three post-defeat films came up again urgently in January
A reading into the history of Egyptian Jews: Grand narratives and fragile identities
Ismail Fayed | Reading Egyptian Jewish testimonies becomes an attempt to see new horizons for envisioning the future
Seminar: On the interior life of language
Malak Helmy | This seminar asks whether writing and language, like authors, are subject to economic forces and transformations
Avant-garde art between Egypt and the Soviet Union: Visual comparisons
Ismail Fayed and Sarah Fayed | On the Soviet avant-garde that attempted to put forward new ideas through art before and during Stalin’s