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Mada Mix: El-Morabba3
Ahmed El Sabbagh | El-Morabba3’s second album leaves politics behind but pushes regional indie music forward
Mada Mix: On student heavy metal band Worsens
Tugrul Mende | Worsens are about to release their first album, which includes a version of Goethe's dark poem The Erlking
Mada Mix: Ta7t El-Sefr and Hawas
Tugrul Mende | Like many bands that emerged after 2011, these two differ from their predecessors in several ways.
Mada Mix: 3 new electronic albums from the Middle East
Maha ElNabawi | Three very different, important albums.
Mada Mix: 5 progressive oud players working now
Maha ElNabawi | Brief blurb and video on five progressive oud players you should listen to if you also worry about the
Mada Mix: Sam Shalabi
Maha ElNabawi | Shalabi, 50, generally seems to be a bit of a musical pioneer.
Band of the week: Coke Machine
Habiba Effat | While listening, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m standing on the edges, fingers splayed on the
Band of the week: Rami Abadir
Maha ElNabawi | There are very few times in life when it is appropriate to lay down in the middle of a room while listening
Band of the week: Nadah El Shazly
Maha ElNabawi | The long room of Estoril roars with conversation. The booths along the left side of the weathered downtown
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