Awamiyah under siege: Residents of Luxor village detail events after murder of Ewais al-Rawy
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Since September 25 security forces have carried out daily arrest campaigns in the village.
Quick budget getaways: 36 hours in Luxor
Rowan El Shimi | Quick getaways keep me sane and able to deal with the crazy city I live in.
Police torture and public anger in Luxor
Mohamed Hamama | Friday prayers in mosques across Luxor ended uneventfully on December 4. They weren’t followed
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Mummy (The Night of Counting the Years)
Amany Ali Shawky | The Citizen Kane of Egyptian cinema, a technical masterpiece with a formidable reputation and an unhurried
A stay at the Winter Palace in Luxor
Nevine El-Shabrawy | For a local getaway, you may want to consider Luxor. It’s getting hotter, and spring may just be the
A postcard from the Luxor African Film Festival
Louis Henderson | I had the fortune to finally visit Luxor last week, having been generously invited to present two films
Yasmine Laveille
Villagers demand a football field
It is hot in the microbus that takes me and a local activist to a village located about 10 kilometres
Journalist Basma Mostafa disappears in Luxor, then brought before State Security Prosecution
5,200-year-old rock inscriptions discovered in Luxor Governorate
Spanish archaeologists discover 3,800-year-old funerary garden, chapel in Luxor
Archaeologists unearth host of ancient Egyptian monuments in Luxor, Aswan
3,000-year-old tomb of royal scribe unearthed in Luxor
Police officers convicted of manslaughter in death of Talaat Shabeeb
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