TOPIC literary gems
Egypt’s Literary Gems: Mansoura Ez-Eldin’s The Refuge of Absence
Tarek Ghanem | Ez-Eldin’s stories take us on an honest, eclectic and endlessly creative tour
Literary gems: Adel Esmat’s The Tales of Yusuf Tadrus
Sherif Abdel Samad | Adel Esmat imagines himself a Coptic Christian in this recent novel, which Sherif Abdel Samad finds mesmerizing
Literary gems: Latifa al-Zayat’s The Open Door 
Ismail Fayed | A novel that enmeshes the struggle of ambitious young women with the national independence struggle
Literary gems: Nawal Saadawi’s The Fall of the Imam
Ismail Fayed | Saadawi has long been though of as a pioneering feminist and a mediocre novelist
Literary gems: Gone are the Days of the Pearls
Ismail Fayed | On pearls, psychoanalysis and pre-oil nostalgia.
Literary gems: Shubra
Sherif Abdel Samad | Having grown up in Shubra myself, I was immediately sucked into Naim Sabry’s novel and finished its
Literary gems: ​On being Egyptian and Ihab Hassan’s Out of Egypt ​
Tarek Ghanem | Whether or not you endorse all of Hassan’s choices, particularly his rejection of Egypt, the depth
Egypt’s literary gems: Malim the Great
Sherif Abdel Samad | For our first literary gem from Egypt, Sherif Abdel Samad tackles Adel Kamel's laugh-out-loud satire