What does Dbaiba’s appointment to head a national unity government in Libya mean for Egypt?
Daniel O'Connell and Ehsan Salah | "The big question is what happens when one of Egypt’s big red lines are crossed"
Egyptian official: Delegation to Tripoli aimed to ‘preempt further Emirati incitement of military adventure’
The visit came amid Cairo’s dissatisfaction with the Emirates’ move to “impose civil war” on
Egypt hosts leading GNA figures vying for top positions in future government
The meeting marked Sarraj’s first visit to Cairo since 2017
Amid ‘devolution’ in Libyan peace process, Egypt looks to leave mark on political-military landscape
Egypt appears to be attempting a delicate balancing act.
Trimming Turkey’s wings: Ankara and Cairo fight for influence in Africa and East Med
Turkey has emerged as the primary antagonist in areas where Egypt has been trying to make its mark
Why Egypt may not be going to war in Libya
Egypt has received assurances that Turkey is not going to push that much farther east.
What comes after the collapse of Haftar’s western campaign?
Both Turkey and Egypt vying for the role of energy hub. 
UAE, Egypt prepare for Haftar’s exit after loss of Wattiyah air base
The move comes as Haftar is losing internal support as well
An ‘unpopular mandate’? Battles in Tarhouna, Wattiyah to prove decisive for Haftar’s pact with international, Libyan backers
Tarhouna and Wattiyah could prove decisive for the Tripoli campaign and Haftar's political profile
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Are the Arab revolutions dead yet?
In his writings dedicated to the Arab revolutions, French philosopher Alain Badiou has maintained
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Libya: The shadow of the people
On the third anniversary of the Libyan uprising, a YouTube video reminds us that the struggle for bread
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Sources: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain to condemn Qatari media at Arab League for broadcasting “false information”
Source: Egypt called for dismissal of Libyan ambassador after he met Qatari diplomats in Cairo
Ashmawy confession leads to mass grave containing bodies of prominent militants
Bodies of 13 Egyptian migrants found in Libya
Sisi’s interviews with UK media ahead of London visit
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