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Kidnappings along Kufra-Jalu Road threaten security in southeastern Libya
Kidnappings along the only road in and out of southeast Libya may pose a threat to peace
Rights take back seat to ‘priorities’ in Egyptian-European relations
Asmahan Soliman and Leonardo Giansanti | Despite Egypt's ongoing rights abuses, arms sales, migration deals and Libya negotiations continue
Arrest of 131 Egyptian migrants in east Libya points to migration network funneling into militant groups
Maha Ellawati | 131 irregular migrants from Egypt have been arrested in the east Libyan city of Baydan in 3 weeks
Syria cooperation highlights progress in Egypt-Russia relations as hurdles remain
Asmahan Soliman | The past month has seen several breakthroughs on pending Cairo-Moscow diplomatic discussions
While Cairo condemns Derna bombing, government source attributes airstrikes to Egyptian Air Force
Libyan and Egyptian sources have confirmed to Mada Masr that the airstrikes in Derna were carried out
A nation against the intimate realities of a family: On Hisham Matar’s The Return
Jailan Zayan | Jailan Zayan, who fled Libya as a child with her family, discusses Hisham Matar's moving memoir
Europe’s migration trade with Egypt
Sofian Philip Naceur and Tom Rollins | Is cooperation between Egypt and the EU putting migrants at risk?
In Minya, more sorrow and less anger
Heba Afify | Two days after a video was released showing self-proclaimed Islamic State forces in Libya beheading
Vijay Prashad
Libya: The battlefield of the New Arab Cold War
Libya’s “Islamic State” executed 21 Coptic workers from Upper Egypt. These workers are among the
Fouad Halbouni
Are the Arab revolutions dead yet?
In his writings dedicated to the Arab revolutions, French philosopher Alain Badiou has maintained
Peter Snowdon
Libya: The shadow of the people
On the third anniversary of the Libyan uprising, a YouTube video reminds us that the struggle for bread
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Bodies of 13 Egyptian migrants found in Libya
Sisi’s interviews with UK media ahead of London visit
Sisi calls for UN strategy against extremism
Elections countdown: 33 days
Barakat assassination suspect wanted by IS in Libya
EgyptAir evacuates 6,699 Egyptians from Libya via Tunisia, expands services to Algeria
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