TOPIC LGBTQ crackdown
Abortion tales: An abortion on the run
Ghadeer Ahmed | I was expecting national security to come take me away at any moment.
LGBTQ crackdowns, civil society and social change: A video conversation
Naira Antoun | Responses to seminal moments of state violence against LGBTQ individuals in Egypt
Constructing and echoing social perceptions: Gay characters in Egyptian film
Adham Youssef | How do movie depictions inform how we, both straight and queer Egyptians, see gay people?
Rainbow flag at gig sparks media storm of hostility
Mostafa Mohie | Rainbow flag at Mashrou' Leila's Cairo gig reveals deep-seated vitriol in Egyptian media
Shades of in/visibility: On coming out in Egypt
Lara El Gibaly | It’s not about individuals coming out to, but rather about the issue itself ‘coming out’ for discussion
11 sentenced to 3-12 years in prison for homosexuality
Pesha Magid | The Agouza Criminal Court has sentenced 11 people to prison terms ranging between three and 12 years
What the decision to test all detainees at a police station for HIV reveals about Egypt’s security services
Pesha Magid | It is not quite clear what the sister of a man arrested on suspicion of being gay expected when she told
On being transgender in Egypt
Pesha Magid | Aisha* was sleeping when her apartment was raided. She and three other friends had just moved in when
The state’s moral authority
Omar Said | In an interview during the run-up to his election last year, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi asserted
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Tareq Baconi
Our lives are not conditional: On Sarah Hegazy and estrangement
Here is what I did not know when I chose to be in London: we carry our homes in our hearts.
Sarah Hegazy
A year after the rainbow flag controversy
Even after my release, I was still afraid of everyone.
MF Kalfat
Moi aussi, j’accuse: An open letter to an Egyptian state intellectual
A letter addressing Farouk Gouida and Egyptian intelligentsia regarding the LGBTQ+ crackdown
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Rights group condemns jail sentence for Egyptian TV presenter who interviewed gay man
Sara Hegazy, Ahmed Alaa released on bail after 3 months in pretrial detention in ‘rainbow flag’ case
EIPR: Authorities have systematically entrapped LGBTQ individuals online since 2015
Prosecution to keep alleged rainbow flag wavers in detention pending investigations
Update: Number of arrests in security crackdown on LGBTQ individuals rises to 57
At least 22 arrested in continued security crackdown on LGBTQ individuals
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