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The left of the Arab world
Jano Charbel | Why is the leftist movement in the Arab World weak, divided and marginalized? Why have leftist movements
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Fawzeya al-Borgowazeya’
Amany Ali Shawky | The increasing gap between Egypt’s intellectual elite and the people is explained and lampooned
H.A. Hellyer
‘And give good tidings to the strangers’
For much of the January 25 movement’s active lifespan, it was on the margins.
Bilal Alaa
A republic deferred, forever
This process is essential for the continuation of the regime — a necessary act of political theater.
Sharif Abdel Kouddous
What Standing Rock can tell Tahrir
Maybe the Standing Rock victory is the pattern of the world: Moments of beauty that cannot last
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