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Southern Lebanon is in revolt too
Omar Said | “They say we are against the revolution? Who? The people of the South? We are the resistance.”
Conversations from the Lebanese uprising | Rima Majed: Our struggle is class-based, not sectarian
Omar Said | "The revolution in Beirut started with those downtrodden classes, then other groups joined them."
Lebanon’s Tripoli rises above lingering effects of war to revolt
Omar Said | The demonstrations in Tripoli have a different feel from those in the rest of the country.
Conversations from the Lebanese uprising | Joelle Boutros: The civil war only really ended today, with this movement
Omar Said | "I think this is the first movement in the country’s modern history that encompasses all of Lebanon"
The reductive realism of Capernaum
Hessen Hossam | The world of Nadine Labaki’s Oscar-nominated Capernaum (2018) feels a little bit too chaotic
Greater than memory: 3 Lebanese filmmakers explore traces of the past in Cairo Cinema Days
Nahed Nasr | 3 Lebanese documentaries re-construct the past to ask questions about identity and the civil war
The difficult route of returning to Syria
Tom Rollins | Now that the balance of power is tilting toward the regime, who will be able to go back?
Keeper of the Dead: An IPAF novel more journalistic than fictional
Ismail Fayed | An incisive view of the corrupt politics of Lebanon's civil war, but not much poetic insight.
99 floors down: Jana Elhassan’s IPAF-shortlisted novel disappoints
Ismail Fayed | Jana Elhassan's bodice-ripping Floor 99 makes Ismail Fayed wonder about the criteria by which works are
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Omar Said
Explosion in Beirut: Destruction by the political class
There is shock and there is overwhelming anger. There is nothing in between.
Sahar Mandour
‘Treachery isn’t a perspective’: Boycotting Israel in Lebanon
The issue is not about feeding a burning desire to communicate with the enemy
Abdelrahman Gad
Arab women in search of the disappeared
The crime of forced disappearance has contributed to the emergence of social movements comprised of the
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