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Despite release of at least 96 detainees, calls for more ‘open’ political process, tense security situation highlighted by arrest of lawyers persists
Despite the decision to release at least 96 detainees, the security crackdown has persisted.
Biggest wave of arrests since Sisi took office: 1909 people detained
Amnesty International demanded that the authorities allow protests to take place tomorrow
In separate incidents, lawyer and 2 clients killed by police, another lawyer arrested, charged in case he was working on
A lawyer and two of his clients were shot dead by police, and another lawyer was detained
Sarah Rifky and Lina Attalah
Alien feelings follow friends and lovers’ abduction by a dystopian state
A few days ago, together with his son on the playground, Alaa was telling us about climbing a tree.
Jailed rights lawyers and journalists in remand detention charged in new case
Missing lawyer Ezzat Ghoneim appears in court, ordered to be detained for 45 days
Imprisoned rights lawyer Mohamed Ramadan reports deteriorating health, poor detention conditions
European Parliament adopts resolution condemning human rights violations in Egypt
Lawyer detained on array of charges, including inciting protests in relation to ‘possession of yellow vests’
7 arrested in dawn raids added to case involving Brotherhood leader’s daughter, rights lawyers
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