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TOPIC land seizure
On Warraq Island, popular democracy defies secret state plans
Heba Afify | The state’s strategy regarding Warraq has seen several stages: violence, negotiation, and legal persecution
Photos and video: Warraq residents clash with security forces over demolition
Look through photos and watch a video of the clashes between Warraq residents and security forces
An interview: Remembering Shahenda Maklad (1938-2016)
Reem Saad and Yasmine M. Ahmed | On April 30, 1966, Salah Hussein was assassinated by members of a feudalist family in Kamshish, a village
Police arrested 10 Warraq Island residents, demolished 30 buildings on Sunday
Rogue monks vanquished in battle over Fayoum monastery
Administrative Court blocks attempt to seize Ramlet Bulaq