TOPIC Lamis al-Hadidy
Anchor Lamis al-Hadidy’s absence from CBC show due to refusal to move to intelligence-owned channel
Lamis al-Hadidy has been held off screen because of CBC's and Hadidy’s refusal to move to ONtv
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Rowan El Shimi | If it wants to compete as an international festival, the CIFF should aim to support Egypt's local film
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Youth unemployment and the ‘Egyptian right wing’
I watch the TV program “Hona al-Asema” (Here’s the Capital), which airs on the privately owned
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Egypt’s military and its Christian citizens
The state’s cynical use of Christian suffering to justify its violent behavior and strengthen its political
TV anchors mock Paris amid terrorist attacks, Egyptian officials offer condolences
Al-Masry Al-Youm owner Salah Diab and son released on bail
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Sisi’s first TV interview (part 2): We have to move, to sprint
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