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Detox | Is this working?
#30: At Mada, we’re working and we’re hopeful, but we’re operating differently.
The Egyptian Iron and Steel Company: A symbol of optimism grows old
Beesan Kassab | Many employees believe that the company will be liquidated in as soon as two months.
Gendered Labor and Structural Violence: The case of women farmworkers in Tunisia
Ola Galal | The deaths sparked a national outcry in a country often thought of as a pioneer in women’s rights.
Out on the Street: Playing the ‘good guys’
Jenifer Evans and Andeel | Out on the Street manages to dodge the terrible fate of poor political art that compensates for its lack
Strikes and labor protests hit state-owned companies
Jano Charbel | Thousands of workers at state-owned companies have been embarking on strikes and other industrial actions
Whatever happened to Egypt’s independent unions?
Jano Charbel | Independent labor unions flourished across Egypt with the popular uprising of 2011, but this growth translated
Human rights in focus: Nadeem Mansour
Mai Shams El-Din | Chants for bread and social justice didn’t emerge out of the January 25, 2011 revolution.
New govt announces aim to limit labor unrest
Jano Charbel | New Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb’s appointment of the controversial figure Nahed al-Ashry as Minister
Strikes in public sector textile companies reach new high
Jano Charbel | A labor uprising in the textile industry is witnessing an unprecedented number of factory occupations,
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IFFCO workers launch boycott campaign to protest sackings, arrests and sit-in dispersal
Worker solidarity campaign files complaint to NCHR challenging labor violations
Prosecution detains labor strike leaders, accuses them of Brotherhood ties
Update: Journalists issue response to security forces’ storming of Journalists Syndicate
New wave of labor strikes across Suez Canal, Nile Delta, Assiut
In unusual break with tradition, no Labor Day celebrations in Egypt this year
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