TOPIC Khaled al-Balshy
Timeline: The Journalists Syndicate and the state, an ongoing battle
Beesan Kassab | A timeline of events leading to sentencing of syndicate head Yehia Qallash this month.
Breaking the back of the Journalists Syndicate
Beesan Kassab and Omar Said | A month after security forces stormed the Journalist Syndicate and arrested two reporters, the standoff
Decision to refer journalists to court puts Prosecutor General at odds with Journalists Syndicate
Omar Said | A decision by Prosecutor General Hesham Barakat to refer journalists to court on charges of publishing
Awaiting retrial in AJE case, Baher Mohamed’s fate remains uncertain
Dalia Rabie | Convicted Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste is on his way back to Australia, and reports suggest that
Journalist Khaled al-Balshy wins Nelson Mandela – Graca Machel Innovation Award
Journalists Syndicate react to reduction of verdict against former head and board members
Verdict on Journalists Syndicate leaders’ appeal adjourned until March 25
Journalists Syndicate leading figures sentenced to two years in prison
Journalists Syndicate trial, Ahram Gate libel suit postponed
Trial of leading Journalists Syndicate members adjourned to June 25
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