TOPIC Khairat al-Shater
Exclusive Wikileaks cables trace ebb and flow of Egypt-UAE relations
Hossam Bahgat and Mostafa Mohie | A number of documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry that were recently released by Wikileaks have cast
Heba Afify
In the courtroom: Plenty of drama and little else
  A long day in court begins… Case 1 As the defendants are led into the cage in the newly
Leading Muslim Brotherhood figures sentenced to life in prison for involvement in 2013 clashes
Court upholds death sentence against Morsi for 2011 jailbreak
Rights campaign: 3 illegally detained civilians referred to military trial
Morsi, Badie, Shater referred to military court for ‘violent acts’
Cabinet committee granted power to seize, manage MB assets
Police close 2 main supermarket chains for MB affiliation
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