TOPIC June 30
Copts post-June 30: Can Sisi bank on continued Coptic support?
Karoline Kamel | On the fourth anniversary of June 30 we reassess Coptic communities and churches' support for Sisi
Rebellion on the rocks
Mai Shams El-Din | One year ago, Ahmed Abdou met with 15 young men in the Kefaya opposition movement’s headquarters. They
The politics of the generals
Heba Afify | Egypt’s military does not want to get involved in politics. Or so it says. These words have been repeated
Amr Abdel Rahman
In search of legitimacy: From mandate to emergency law
With Sisi basing his governance on a popular mandate, is emergency law a way to maintain legitimate power?
Father Egyptian Atheist and the sheikhdom of atheism
"I’m now convinced that the vast majority of Egyptian intellectuals, who have a hard-on for Western
Nael El Toukhy
How Hebrew teaches us something about ourselves, Part 1
A personal and not-so-personal account
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Sadat metro station closed for security reasons
Sisi was asked to lead Cabinet before July 3: MB official
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