TOPIC June 30 protests
How Egyptian diplomacy navigated the summer of 2013
Donya Ezzat | How Egypt’s foreign policy sailed through the difficult events of the summer of 2013
Stuck between two revolutions
Naira Antoun | In early June, when I was writing an article about Tamarod (or “Rebel,” a grassroots initiative that
The Interior Ministry’s uncertainty principle
Mohamad Salama Adam | It may be difficult for people to understand the uncertainty principle, part of quantum mechanics theory
VIDEO: Ambulance drivers in turmoil
Lindsey Parietti | About a month after his 27th birthday, Ibrahim Mostafa al-Ezzab responded to a call. For weeks the Egyptian
The acquiescing opposition
Heba Afify | After former President Hosni Mubarak’s fall, non-Islamist political parties formed that self-identified
Quest for legitimacy
Amr Darrag is a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood who most recently served as minister of planning
And where do the workers stand?
Jano Charbel | Since the events of June 30, divisive fault lines have emerged within the country’s trade unions and
1 day, 2 funeral marches
Jahd Khalil | It’s not clear whether Mahmoud Sobhy was the first person killed on Friday. What is clear is that he
Excuse me sir, is it a coup?
The question of what to label the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi by a military intervention following
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H.A. Hellyer
The point was to be true; the rest is commentary
As I walked into Mada Masr’s second anniversary celebration, a rather murky thought occurred to me:
Amr Ezzat
Did they beat us to the gallows?
A boy and a girl in the peak of their youth smile at us with raised fists. Her hair hangs over her shoulder,
Ashraf El-Sherif
The Brotherhood’s downfall (Part 2)
One of the grave mistakes that led to the Muslim Brotherhood’s downfall was their inability to manage
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Jama’a al-Islamiya leader sentenced to 15 years for killing protesters
Sisi to amend law to criminalize insults of January 25, June 30 uprisings
Fact-finding committee to release report on post-June 30 violence next week
Egypt has given Palestine 100,000 martyrs, says Sisi
Sisi adds to narrative of June 30 and aftermath
In rare interview, Sisi adds up Morsi’s missteps
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