TOPIC John Kerry
Behind the photo ops, an increasingly tense Egypt-US relationship
Isabel Esterman | From Cairo, it can be easy to feel like the United States is an enthusiastic supporter of Egypt’s government,
What do US politicians really think of Sisi?
Pesha Magid | Local newspapers on Sunday were full of news that US politicians had finally seen the light and showered
Sara Khorshid
Decorating authoritarian rule
The sight of Algeria’s 77-year-old leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika casting his ballot from a wheelchair
In India Sisi discusses tackling terrorism with PM Modi, meets John Kerry
Kerry commends Egypt’s ‘counterterrorism efforts’ during FM Washington visit
Egypt bristles at int’l criticism of deteriorating human rights record
John Kerry voices concern over human rights in Egypt as 2011 case is reopened against several NGOs
Kerry talks counterterrorism with Egypt’s foreign minister
Day 1 at the EEDC: Gulf countries promise US$12.5 bn in aid and investment
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