TOPIC January 25 2017
We walk a route from which there is no return
Sara Fakhry Ismail | The power of muscle memory: Walking as a ritual of resistance
Four scenes of the Egyptian revolution in Alexandria: A microhistory of January 25
Youssef El Chazli | How a series of contingencies walked us to the revolution
The politics of the personal: January 25 through the lens of depression
Naira Antoun | An exploration of hope, defeat and mental health in the aftermath of revolution
Victory in defeat: How the revolution changed perceptions of violence against women
Heba Afify | Progress in how public sexual violence is dealt with may be one of few gains of Jan 25
Sameh Naguib
Tactics of a risk-taking regime
The current regime is taking short-term risks, but will they backfire?
Laura Bird
Defeat as a useful sentiment
Authenticity and possibility in collective defeat
Yasmine M. Ahmed
Giulio Regeni, our nation and social research
Working with interlocutors has become a dubious endeavor in Egypt
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17 people arrested on sixth anniversary of January 25 revolution