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D-CAF’s Museum of Contemporary Art: How can imagined art neutralize a city?
Menna Ekram | Can we create art without taking our context into consideration?
Modern Egypt: On objects that represent the world
Mohammad Shawky Hassan | The way the project displayed commodities failed to reveal new things about them or those who made them.
10 Nabrawy Street, in danger again, points to web of interests behind demolitions
Rowan El Shimi | Why are so many owners of historic buildings in Egypt eager to let their buildings fall? Rowan El Shimi
Five critical days in the life of 10 Nabrawy Street
Alexandra Stock | Attempting to prevent the dissolution of place and memory in a labor against forgetfulness.
The lowdown on D-CAF’s upcoming 5th edition
You’re likely to find more than one event you’d like to attend this year.
A Nutella bar in Alexandria in which Nutella does not shine
Rowan El Shimi | Humans in general seem to have a fascination with the fusion of chocolate and hazelnut. Earlier this
Controversial tunes: D-CAF’s music, 100Copies and mahraganat
Maha ElNabawi | This year’s edition left both audiences and artists frustrated over the curation and management of
A beginner’s guide to downtown’s alternative art scene
Rowan El Shimi | Downtown Cairo has long had a strong relationship with the arts. It boasts the capital’s largest cluster
Downtown in-betweens engage in urban development dialogue
Rowan El Shimi | Like many others, architect and urban planner Omar Nagati has a fascination with downtown Cairo. He feels
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Update: Townhouse building demolition postponed