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The fall of Hesham Ashmawy: A journey that began in Egypt and ended in Libya
Omar Said | Notorious militant Hesham Ashmawy was captured in a security raid by the Libyan National Army
The tales of Palestinian fighters in Sinai
Omar Said | And how Gazan fighters started flocking to Egypt
The perils of taking a bus to work in Sinai
Mourad Higazy | 2 accounts form North Sinai reveal the unpredictability of daily life amid conflict
14 days of a storm in July: Recounting what happened in Arish
Mourad Higazy | Arish residents speak of their confusion and fear during an intense security crackdown and loss of communication
Nabil Saber: A displaced Copt killed over a stamp
Basma Mostafa | Nabil Saber was shot after returning to Arish to obtain a stamp for his son's academic record
Province of Sinai claims responsibility for attack targeting Tarabin tribesmen
Mai Shams El-Din | The attack marks the most recent development in ongoing tensions between the tribe and Province of Sinai
3 questions raised by the Islamic State’s alleged involvement in the church bombing
Omar Said | What does this signify about the group's Egypt operations?
Is the Popular Resistance back from hiatus?
Mohamed Hamama | Hours after eight policemen were killed in Helwan on Sunday morning, two different militant groups claimed
Punishing the state: The rise of urban militant cells
Mai Shams El-Din | On April 14, most of Egypt’s satellite channels went down after two electricity grids feeding Cairo’s Media
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Militant presence west of Arish continues as armed men set up temporary roadblock
Ashmawy confession leads to mass grave containing bodies of prominent militants
Police announce death of 3 members of militant group Hassm
Egypt-based militant group responds to UK blacklisting: ‘The UK is the terrorist’
UK lists Hassm and Lewaa al-Thawra as ‘terrorist organizations’
Hassm claims responsibility of alleged Myanmar Embassy bombing in Cairo, Embassy denies
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