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Sisi, Public Prosecution acknowledge protests after week of silence, 68 minors released
While protests continued to flare up on Friday, the media maintained that nothing was happening.
No united front: Mixed messages from the Muslim Brotherhood on violence
Omar Said | Amid wide-scale social prejudice and a regime deploying its security apparatus to crackdown on the movement,
Talk about peace
Mai Shams El-Din | The political future of Islamist groups in Egypt is still up in the air, as rumors of closed-door meetings
Ibrahim Hodaiby
The Muslim Brotherhood in transition
Incitements to murder on some television channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a growing number
Amr Ezzat
Did they beat us to the gallows?
A boy and a girl in the peak of their youth smile at us with raised fists. Her hair hangs over her shoulder,
Rasha Abdulla
Closing media outlets is not the solution
To begin with, let me make it clear that I am not writing this article in defense of Al Jazeera, for
Muslim Brotherhood remembers Rabea in English, but less so in Arabic
MB lashes out at Nour Party co-founder for winning Harvard scholarship
Muslim Brotherhood holds government responsible for prosecutor general’s assassination
Al-Ahram apologizes for ‘coup’ blunder
Egypt accuses Turkey of allowing TV channels that incite terrorism
Update: Prosecutor accuses MB of faking leaked SCAF recording
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