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Archdiocese contradicts state narrative about Minya attack
Karoline Kamel | Appeals for more security on the road to the St Samuel Monastery went unheeded, church officials say
Minya attack: Did Ashmawy coordinate Al-Qaeda and Islamic State activities in Egypt?
While the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Friday attack on a bus caravan making its way
Counterterrorism in Sisi’s 1st term: Progress despite clinging to tradition
Omar Said | How have Egypt’s counterinsurgency efforts played out during Sisi’s first term in office?
Clashes between Jund al-Islam and Province of Sinai: The return of Al-Qaeda?
Omar Said | Questions are being raised about the resumption of Al-Qaeda-affiliated organizations’ operations in
Palm Sunday bombings: A security failure and the Islamic State’s expansion into the mainland
Omar Said | Church bombings point to national security failures and Islamic State territorial loses in the region
3 questions raised by the Islamic State’s alleged involvement in the church bombing
Omar Said | What does this signify about the group's Egypt operations?
Is the Popular Resistance back from hiatus?
Mohamed Hamama | Hours after eight policemen were killed in Helwan on Sunday morning, two different militant groups claimed
Q&A with terrorism researcher Mokhtar Awad on the Islamic State’s activities in Cairo
Isabel Esterman | An interview with Mokhtar Awad, a research fellow at George Washington University’s program on extremism.
Is the Brotherhood turning to violence?
Heba Afify | An exclusive in the privately owned daily Al-Shorouk last week announced that seven groups within the
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Pesha Magid
Trump and Sisi bond over counter-terrorism ambitions
The Trump-Sisi relationship will likely embolden both leaders in their fight against terrorism
Olivier Roy
The Islamization of radicalism
Is France at war? Perhaps. But against whom or against what? The Islamic State (IS) militant group did
Nashwa Hussein Aly
Why governments should give Twitter a break about ISIS
More than any other tech company, Twitter seems to be under fire from governments around the world —
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8 men convicted by military court in deadly church bombings case executed on Monday
Update: Province of Sinai claims attack on Arish checkpoint that killed 15 military personnel
Province of Sinai video claims former police and military personnel among its ranks, confirms death of Islamic State Sinai leader
4 civilians fatally shot near military checkpoint amid week of violence in Arish
Province of Sinai claims it killed 6 military personnel in 2 attacks west of Sheikh Zuwayed
Mujahideen Shura Council in Derna denies involvement in Minya attack, condemns Egyptian airstrikes
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Lethal fart
Andeel | (Fart cloud): ISISArab leaders: "Eww..."
Cartoon: I.S. H.R.
Andeel | #ISIS Boss: "So where do you see yourself five years from now, Hozayfa?" Hozayfa: "Dead." Boss: "Brilliant."
Cartoon: What I.S.I.S?
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