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Infinite eyes in the network: Government escalates attack on secure communication
There is a history of the state breaching private security, but something new may be coming
Egypt’s new cybercrime bill could send you to prison
Mohamed Hamama | Under the newly-drafted cybercrime law you may be punished for a number of things you do online, and
Netflix in Egypt: The good, the bad and the pixilated
Isabel Esterman | After Netflix offered tantalizing hints that it planned to launch in the Middle East, the US-based internet
Uber introduces cash payment option in Cairo, but at a price
Robert Barron | The taxi application Uber has announced it will allow Cairo passengers to pay their rides in cash —
Overview of Egypt’s telecom sector: Between fierce competition and angry customers
Amira Salah-Ahmed | The brutally competitive worlds of advertising and Egypt’s telecom sector have collided — in Ramadan,
Mada Masr’s blocked website case adjourned to petition new state authorities
Court adjourns Mada Masr website blocking case until November 26
Germany cancels cyber training with Egyptian security, fearing rights abuses
Court adjourns Mada Masr website blocking case until October 22
UAE transfers internet surveillance system bought from French company to Egypt: Télérama
Administrative Court rejects lawsuit against Interior Ministry’s social media surveillance project
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