TOPIC internet surveillance
A three-step guide to becoming a model Facebook citizen in Egypt
Samir al-Nimr | I don’t remember exactly when I decided to create a parallel identity for myself on Facebook.
Data mining, privacy and the case of ‘the International’
Mohamed Hamama | The case has raised questions about data mining, privacy and Egypt's cybersecurity laws
How you will be affected by the new cybercrime law: A guide
How the law affects users, providers, web administrators, government employees and digital experts
Cybercrime bill nears committee approval with harsher penalties for site admins, protection for bona fides
Rania al-Abd | The amendments include harsher punishments for website admins and ISPs that disclose user data
Video | Blocked for 300 days
The Mada Masr team relays what it's like to work as a journalist for a website that's been blocked
State officials dominate cybercrime bill meeting as 6 more articles approved
Rania al-Abd | MPs were largely absent from the parliamentary meeting in which 6 articles of the bill were approved
Parliament in haste to approve cybercrime bill: Ambiguous provisions, loose definitions, legalized web censorship
Rana Mamdouh and Rania al-Abd | 14 articles of Egypt's cybercrime bill were approved on Tuesday in a whirlwind 2-hour session
Study: Blocked access to websites, ad redirects and cryptocurrency mining in Egypt traced to Sandvine’s PacketLogic devices
Mohamed Hamama | Study implicates US company in malicious activity
Egyptian government bypasses ISPs to block access to websites: Telecommunications Ministry source
Mohamed Hamama | The websites block has been carried out through a centralized government decision, according to source
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Sherif Azer
Twitter suspends more accounts of Egyptian activists
Pro-Mubarak Twitter users tail prominent activist
Wafaa Heikal
Why did Twitter suspend a Reuters journalist’s account in Egypt?
Account blocking, false flagging tactics, internet trolls and hate speech
Nashwa Hussein Aly
Why governments should give Twitter a break about ISIS
More than any other tech company, Twitter seems to be under fire from governments around the world —
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Ongoing arrests of social media personalities on morality charges
Report: Internet censorship has become ‘more pervasive’ in past year, 62% of blocked websites are media outlets
Parliament passes cybercrime law regulating web content and ISP surveillance
Court reopens Mada Masr blocked website case for arguments
Germany cancels cyber training with Egyptian security, fearing rights abuses
Belahmar blocked, bringing total number of blocked websites to 127
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Andeel | Sisi issues a new law to fight terrorism on the internet. Sisi: Still, no likes?
Andeel | Sisi: "Hello Ahmed, listen, what does LOL mean?"
Cartoon: Can’t or won’t?
Andeel |   Caption: US$100 million for internet surveillance Sisi: "I don't want to give you..."