TOPIC International Women's Day 2017
Personal status laws – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Azza Soliman | Azza Soliman explains how Egypt employs a legal approach that restricts women’s rights
Bodily rights – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Ghadeer Ahmed | I’ve been working on bodily rights since the revolution. Before 2011, I was a really ordinary woman.
Working women and policy assessment – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Mona Ezzat | How to measure women's economic empowerment, an important factor in assessing polices and programs?
Politics as a path – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Kheloud Gomaa | Like most young men and women of my generation, my involvement in public affairs began with the January
A-Z of progress and setbacks for Egyptian women between two international women’s days
On International Women’s Day, an A-Z of the past year in Egypt
On sexual violence – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Dalia Abdel Hamid | Progress on sexual violence seems a beautiful success story, but reality was complicated and painful
Feminist testimonies from Egypt: A series
Hind Ahmed Zaki | The introduction to our series marking International Women's Day this year