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Media orgs vow to investigate as Hisham Allam threatens rape accusers with legal action
On Sunday, the fifth in a series of testimonies against the journalist appeared on a blog
Permits, penalties and paranoia
Heba Afify | Foreign journalists speak to Mada Masr about the challenges they face reporting in Egypt
Who are ‘the forces of evil’ controlling Egypt’s media?
Rana Mamdouh | A spat with the BBC or the start of broader crackdown: Mada speaks to media regulators and lawyers
State Information Service slams BBC report on ‘repression in Egypt’
SIS condemns a recent BBC report, which addresses social, political, and human rights in Egypt
Media and technology: Beyond the Stockholm Syndrome
Lina Attalah | Lina Attalah writes about two skeptical interventions made this year at international media conferences,
The year the FM spokesperson stepped into the ring
Dalia Rabie | Having only assumed his duties as the Foreign Ministry spokesperson this August, Ahmed Abu Zeid did not
Egyptian state continues to squabble with foreign media
Foreign journalists received mixed signals from the State Information Service (SIS) on Monday, when its
Local media skews coverage of Forbes article on New Suez Canal
Wednesday’s newspapers were full of headlines about a report by Forbes allegedly celebrating the New
Abdel Latif al-Tahan
The 100-year-old chained-up duck (Part 2)
One day, Pierre Brossolette, a French resistance figure, pointed to a poster of the movie Gone with the
Abdel Latif al-Tahan and Abdel Latif al-Tahan
The 100-year-old chained-up duck (Part 1)
It is September 1915 in France; almost a year has passed since humans have discovered their ability to
Timothy E. Kaldas
Exaggeration invites criticism of ‘New’ Suez Canal
Any review of international coverage of the Suez Canal expansion will come to the
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Minister to foreign reporters: No forced disappearances in Egypt and torture occurs only when prisoners try to escape
Deutsche Welle responds to accusations of biased coverage, attempting to destabilize state
Egypt’s Foreign Ministry backs Trump’s attack on western media
Journalist Yosri Fouda continues his show on Deutsche Welle amid attacks
Foreign Ministry slams Economist magazine for article criticizing Sisi’s policies
Guardian says Joseph Mayton never reported news stories about Egypt
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