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A year of legal setbacks
Jano Charbel | Since July 3, 2013, Egypt’s human rights record has been widely criticized both domestically and internationally.
Lexicon of a revolution’s insults
Andeel | A dictionary of labels invented after January 25, 2011, compiled by Andeel.
A window of opportunity
Heba Afify | As Egypt waits to elect a new parliament, the transitional government appears to be taking advantage
Karim Medhat Ennarah
The politics of mobilization and demobilization (Part 1)
On the anniversary of the demise of one form of political authority, I find myself contemplating the
Mohamed Naeem
Egypt’s roadmap to crisis (Part 2)
There are a number of fears that surround Egypt’s transitional roadmap. The most significant is that
Jack Shenker
Beyond the voice of battle
No matter how many times you witness it, the transformation is still a dizzying one. Kiosks that once
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