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Disquiet, vulnerability and muffled violence: A conversation on the films of Ahmed ElGhoneimy
Salma El Tarzi | All three of your films display a certain kind of disquiet towards the idea of masculinity
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Yasmine Zohdi | The central courtyard at the Technical University of Berlin’s Gouna campus — El Gouna Film Festival’s
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A decree issued last week imposes severe restrictions on the organization of art events in Egypt
Wonder, wander – No. 2: Meandering, uncertain, predestined
Sara Elkamel | Conversations from this year’s Spring Sessions
Defying disappearance: The return of Townhouse
Lina Attalah | Lina Attalah speaks to Townhouse director William Wells about the gallery's restoration and future
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Sara Elkamel | Conversations from this year’s Spring Sessions
The challenges of an independent art ‘scene’
Ahmed Shawky and Peter Fares | The first in a series about sustainability in the arts in Egypt.
Against helplessness in the arts
Mia Jankowicz | As soon as we give in to the idea that we are nothing but private citizens we’ve given up 99 percent
Culture, the state, and the culture of the state
I thought it appropriate to start this article with an excerpt from a poem by the famous Palestinian