TOPIC immorality charges
How ‘family values’ are used against women | Q&A with Lobna Darwish
The sentences — based on articles in the 2018 cybercrime law — were the first of their kind
Members of Parliament go against Constitution to preserve ‘public decency’
Beesan Kassab | On Monday Parliament voted against amending the Penal Code's provisions regarding indecency, retaining
Of moral panics and state security
Sarah Carr | It was the usual story: A group of men “discovered” by the police engaging in “acts of perversion,”
Yasmin El-Rifae
Inherent guilt: Menna Abdel Aziz and the victims of Ahmed Bassam Zaki
Rape is not done by monsters, it is done by human beings
Ghadeer Ahmed
Up in arms over a TikTok star: Public morality and the state
Earlier this month, the internet exploded with criticism of Haneen Hossam, a twentysomething with more
Khaled Mansour
The Stasi, Freud and Egypt’s predicament (part 2)
A deep societal malaise is responsible for the Egyptian state's crackdown on personal freedoms.
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Appeal rulings for women imprisoned for TikTok content due in mid-September
In new precedent, women jailed for 2 years for violating ‘family values’ in TikTok videos
Ongoing arrests of social media personalities on morality charges
Lawyer Khaled Ali’s 3-month ‘public indecency’ sentence upheld
Court suspends sentence against writer Ahmed Naji, release imminent: Lawyer
Court rejects novelist Ahmed Naji’s appeal to suspend 2-year sentence
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