TOPIC immorality charges
How authorities targeted rising online stars for violating ‘family values’
Mohamed Tarek | Hossam’s venture came in response to an effort by Likee to expand their live streaming base.
The Public Prosecution’s crusade against social media
For the past year, the public prosecution has been conducting a social media surveillance campaign.
How ‘family values’ are used against women | Q&A with Lobna Darwish
The sentences — based on articles in the 2018 cybercrime law — were the first of their kind
Members of Parliament go against Constitution to preserve ‘public decency’
Beesan Kassab | On Monday Parliament voted against amending the Penal Code's provisions regarding indecency, retaining
Of moral panics and state security
Sarah Carr | It was the usual story: A group of men “discovered” by the police engaging in “acts of perversion,”
Yasmin El-Rifae
Inherent guilt: Menna Abdel Aziz and the victims of Ahmed Bassam Zaki
Rape is not done by monsters, it is done by human beings
Ghadeer Ahmed
Up in arms over a TikTok star: Public morality and the state
Earlier this month, the internet exploded with criticism of Haneen Hossam, a twentysomething with more
Khaled Mansour
The Stasi, Freud and Egypt’s predicament (part 2)
A deep societal malaise is responsible for the Egyptian state's crackdown on personal freedoms.
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Appeal rulings for women imprisoned for TikTok content due in mid-September
In new precedent, women jailed for 2 years for violating ‘family values’ in TikTok videos
Ongoing arrests of social media personalities on morality charges
Lawyer Khaled Ali’s 3-month ‘public indecency’ sentence upheld
Court suspends sentence against writer Ahmed Naji, release imminent: Lawyer
Court rejects novelist Ahmed Naji’s appeal to suspend 2-year sentence
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