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Three takes on Mawlana: A timely film that plays it safe
Andeel, Rowan El Shimi and Yasmine Zohdi | "It’s a big scared film in small country that’s run by guys who are scared of everything."
Ibrahim Eissa is “The Boss,” but at what cost?
Heba Afify | On the set of Ibrahim Eissa’s new show “El Boss,” everyone refers to the celebrity journalist as
Egypt’s media regulator monitors Ramadan TV, journalist Ibrahim Eissa
Parliament refers critical journalist Ibrahim Eissa to prosecution, speaker comes under fire for comments
Prominent journalist Ibrahim Eissa terminates TV show after threats, legal complaints
Al-Masry Al-Youm owner Salah Diab and son released on bail
New leaks expose military hold over media
Sisi asks media to focus on dangers to national security
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