TOPIC Hussein Salem
Hussein Salem’s wealth: What’s hidden is more important
Mostafa Mohie | Is the state's reconciliation deal with Hussein Salem based on an accurate calculation of his wealth?
Money without truth: Egypt’s reconciliation deal with Mubarak-era tycoon
Heba Afify | Experts claim that the government has placed a premium on short-term financial gain over truth-seeking
Exclusive: Wikileaks cable reveals deal to exclude Saudi prince from Egypt smuggling probe
Lina Attalah and Hossam Bahgat | In May 2011, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal sent a note to the head of the Saudi Cabinet office
Economy in a week: Egypt welcomes back Mubarak-era cronies
Sherif Zaazaa | This week, the drop in aggregate savings could be a cause for concern in the long run. To counter this,
Illicit Gains Authority begins investigation into hidden assets of Mubarak-era tycoon Hussein Salem worth LE30 million
Hussein Salem acquitted of squandering public funds in Israeli gas deal
Cairo court refers trial of Mubarak-era multi-billionaire, Hussein Salem, to appeals court without issuing a verdict
Justice minister: Reconciliation deal with fugitive tycoon Hussein Salem
Fugitive tycoon Hussein Salem may have struck reconciliation deal
Prosecutor: Egypt recovers LE13 billion in tax evasion cases
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