TOPIC human rights criticism
In wake of government crackdown, Egypt lobbies for support ahead of major UN human rights review
Asmahan Soliman and Mostafa Mohie | Even countries not normally known to openly criticize Egypt are expected to do so this time
Intimidation, surveillance, restrictions: African human rights officials describe mistreatment by Egyptian security in Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharif Abdel Kouddous | Attendees said they were subjected to unprecedented intimidation and restrictions by Egypt officials
One Mickey Mouse-eared Sisi won’t stop the show
Mohammad Salem | Protests in Berlin during Sisi’s visit are overshadowed by pragmatic Egypt-Germany relationship
Rights take back seat to ‘priorities’ in Egyptian-European relations
Asmahan Soliman and Leonardo Giansanti | Despite Egypt's ongoing rights abuses, arms sales, migration deals and Libya negotiations continue
A change of tune: Foreign Ministry issues mild response to US report on human rights in Egypt
Mostafa Mohie and Shady Zalat | A recent US report on human rights in Egypt has elicited an atypically mild response from the Foreign
Sisi and the Hungarian prime minister: Peas in an authoritarian pod
Pesha Magid | Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Cairo on Tuesday for his first, three-day state visit
Egypt uneasy ahead of UN review of human rights record
Mostafa Mohie | Over the past few months, local media has insisted that Egypt is ready to respond to any questions regarding
Hassan Elmasry
Why is Egypt attacking human rights groups?
Egypt’s human rights movement has a long and patriotic history
Jenna Le Bras
France and Egypt: Allies of convenience
Does this relationship have any benefits besides contributing to the legitimation of a repressive power?
Scott Long
On not being there
Human rights and solidarity in Egypt’s LGBTQ crisis
China, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia are world’s worst jailers of journalists in 2019, according to CPJ
UN rights review roundly criticizes Egypt over prison conditions, civil society violations, discrimination
European Parliament adopts resolution condemning government crackdown in Egypt, calls for serious revision of EU aid
Egypt Parliament condemns European Parliament resolution on rights violations
European Parliament adopts resolution condemning human rights violations in Egypt
Amnesty: French arms exports to Egypt used in violent repression, violating international human rights law
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