TOPIC Hosni Mubarak
Inside a regime’s last days: Mubarak and his inner circle during the 2011 revolution
Ehsan Salah | “When we went out on January 25, we weren’t thinking we would end Mubarak’s rule”
Hosni Mubarak (1928–2020): The rise and fall of Egypt’s longest-ruling president
Mubarak used fear of Islamists to justify a repressive police state.
Is the government building a parallel bureaucracy?
Mohamed Hamama and Osman El Sharnoubi | Power is concentrated in the presidency and military at the expense of other state institutions
Mubarak’s trial comes to an underwhelming end: He is free
Heba Afify | The defense was based on a denial that any violence had occurred
Death sentences and due process threaten recovery of Mubarak assets
Heba Afify | Former President Hosni Mubarak’s assets in Switzerland have been frozen since he stepped down in February
Q&A on Morsi’s Ettehadiya clashes trial
Omar Said | The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced former President Mohamed Morsi and 14 co-defendants to 20 years in
Show me the money: The many trials of Mubarak’s men
Nadia Ahmed | Four years after the January  25 revolution identified financial corruption as one of
Cairo Drive: A film about more than just traffic
Rowan El Shimi | “I would like to make room for ambulances to pass, but where do I go?”
Politics and law in Mubarak’s trial
Omar Said | Due to its highly political nature, the many phases of the trial of former President Hosni Mubarak, his
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Belal Fadl
The senile state (Part 2)
To forget is human. This is why you will still find those who think the rule of generals is the
Hani Atalla
The dead cannot cry out for justice
Alas, a verdict has been reached in the infamous trial of Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak. The
Sally Toma
The injustices of November: Remember or forget?
November marked the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud, remembered as an epic and triumphant struggle by
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Three days of mourning announced for former President Hosni Mubarak
Court acquits Mubarak of ordering 2011 protester killings
Mubarak features on Transparency International ‘grand corruption’ list
Swiss attorney general continues investigations into Mubarak’s money laundering charges
Mubarak taken back to Maadi military hospital, sons to Tora prison following sentencing
As Sisi promises to release activists, Mubarak sons walk free
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